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I usually like writing my own thoughts but I have a few that I read recently that have been really inspirational. These quotations (along with a bunch more) have been bouncing around my head the past few weeks. Heeeere they are:

"Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."George Bernard Shaw

How good is this quotation? I've been thinking about this one many times a day. I hope 2009 is about personal revolutions. And who is this George Bernard Shaw? Did he really say all this amazing stuff? Coolio must have said some of it.

“Stop thinking so much” proved to be the mantra of my subsequent weird career. People ask me all the time how I wound up with my own talk show or how I managed to make it last nine years. The truth is I don’t know. It’s like asking someone “So how did you get hit by a meteor?” My Late Night career has largely been the result of reacting honestly and spontaneously to people and problems around me. I don’t know how I got here and I certainly don’t know where I’m going. This is the essence of my philosophy and coincidentally, the words to most Jimmy Buffet songs. Which reminds me of one last piece of wisdom I heard a running back say about football. He said that despite the best planning and blocking, “the hole is never where it’s supposed to be.” What this man was saying is that real life is about reacting quickly to the opportunity at hand, not the opportunity you envisioned. Not thinking and scheming for the future, but letting it happen and reacting. In this way, life is a lot like football, right down to the part where you pat the ass of the man next to you.” Conan O'Brien 

Most of us over analyze and think situations in our life (at least I do!). I love the idea of preparing for the things coming your way, but expecting to adjust on the fly. Prepare but don't expect.

"The mark of greatness is when everything before you is obsolete and everything after you bears your mark."

This reminds me to be an individual. Put your essence into everything you touch. Not that essence Jay.

The next post is going to be about personal goals and I've been marinating on it for a long ass time. I hope you throw up from excitement when you read it.