Project PUSH Forward Update

Thanks for all the love regarding Project PUSH Forward. Sorry I've been away for a while. First off, I'd like to allow time for more people to join, so I'm going to continue the challenge until Tuesday, December 8th.

As far as scoring goes, it shouldn't be a competition. It's also not meant to be super regimented. The point is to find balance by forcing yourself to categorize positive and negative activities in your life. Feel free to score however you like too. We all value things differently, so it makes sense to me to make your own scoring system. I wanted it to be simple and I didn't want to think about the scoring all the time, so I've been giving myself 1 point for roughly every hour I complete a PUSH forward activity and subtracting 3 points for every PULL back act. STAKES IS HIGH homey!

One common question I've gotten:
"Is facebook a PUSH forward or a PULL back?"
Facebook is a complicated animal. You know when you get on facebook and you catch up on what people are doing? You wish Billy a Happy Birthday. You read about Obama doing something quirky. PUSH forward my friends. But wait. Then there's the point where you're looking to see what people are up and you start wishing you were doing what they were doing. You start checking out profiles to see what the girl/guy you got your eye on are up to. That's a PULL back!

I'll start posting my daily activities and scores next week. Until then I'd love to hear about what you consider PUSH forwards or PULL backs.

Also, I'd like to welcome the Small World's newest citizen, Mr. Henry Bailey.


Matt said...

vaman, i love this push/pull idea and completely understand the 30 day challenges.

i too give myself 30 day challenges but i like them to culminate into an event as it helps me keep my discipline. for example, running/biking/swimming x amount per day is easy to put off so i registered for a spring triathlon to motivate myself. all of a sudden, these activities were no longer just things i did but they evolved into a training regimen. and it worked!

anyway, my pushes: travelling by rail or bus when possible, new experiences, blogging, meditation

my pull: non-essential flying, facebooking, comfortable routine, sitting idle

i'll shoot you my bangalore plans when they develop, as i plan on spending some time in goa before i come into karnataka. until then, check out MY blog @


AJ said...
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AJ said...

Good chatting with you earlier, we definitely need to catch up more often.

Just caught up on the blog...
My own challenge has been to start writing music.

Check out my blog I know it's hard to think of it as music without knowing the melodies, but I think the lyrics are more important.

Peace and Vlove.

Anonymous said...


Sai Santosh said...

Nice positive and creative concept Vaman. Facebook, is a definite pull back for most people. Over indulgence in social networking, which is primarly based on gathering name/fame or attention. I strongly feel that social networking medium can be used to spread much needed love and positivity. Using the platform for the right purpose, and not just about where you had the most amazing cup of coffee or the mango dessert :). Keep spreading the inspiring ideas.