Welcome to India

I kept telling people that everything wouldn't hit me until I got off the plane in Bangalore. Strangely, I got off the plane and felt normal, almost comfortable. I stood outside waiting for my ride and that's when things sunk in. I saw a Kati Roll, which reminded me of New York and people back home. Then I heard a family speaking a language I didn't recognize and then laughing together. I looked around and EVERYONE was Indian! I mean every last person. I started thinking about how much I was going to miss diversity and peoples' sense of humor back home. That night I got to my uncle's place and ate an amazing Konkani (the language of my people) dinner. I went to my bathroom, turned on the light, said what's up to my roommates (the two cochroaches that I knew would be in the bathroom everynight), and got completely naked to use the bathroom. The bathoom situation out here deserves it's own future post! I looked in the mirror, kind of laughed, turned off the light and went to bed.

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Kimen said...

post about the bathroom!! And i have had some good kati rolls in my old hood in NYC :)